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The facts about the United States seafood industry, brought to you by the hard-working Americans who harvest your favorite dishes.


  • What makes U.S. harvested seafood better than the rest?
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Learn about America's seafood harvests.

Soon you can explore our resources for seafood lovers, educators, parents, and medical professionals.

Learn why America’s seafood harvests are your smartest choice.

We all depend on seafood harvested responsibly from America’s fisheries.

America’s seafood harvests
are second to none.

Building a stronger America that is better able to feed ourselves and increase our exports is what we’re all about.  Domestic food sources are of vital importance to America’s economy and national security.

Made in America

America imports over 90% of the seafood we consume!  Only around 10% is harvested locally from America’s fisheries.  That 10% is your smartest seafood choice.

Responsibly harvested

Our harvests are highly regulated to ensure the health of the marine life that we harvest and the surrounding ecosystem and the safety practices of those that package, process, and distribute it.

Growing the economy

The U.S. domestic seafood industry is responsible for over a million American jobs and billions of dollars in annual GDP, and growing. Feeding Americans, and the world, is what we do — safely, responsibly, and proudly.

From sea to shining sea

America’s seafood industry spans the globe, including our 35 coastal states and territories. Our industry also supports a nationwide network of trucking, wholesale, equipment, and service businesses, and includes members of many proud native American tribes.

While we’re getting our site ready, we thought that it’d be useful if we told you about another great site that you should check out.

NOAA FishWatch is an excellent service provided by NOAA Fisheries.

NOAA Fisheries, which is a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is the leading science authority for managing the nation’s marine fisheries and maintains NOAA FishWatch as a way to help consumers get unbiased facts about the science and management behind the responsible harvest of U.S. seafood.

This website is brought to you by the United States Seafood Industry Association, which represents the people, businesses, and organizations that depend on seafood harvested responsibly from America’s fisheries.

Public education about American seafood is one of the many things we do for our members.  You can learn more about USSIA at https://www.ussia.org.